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Welcome to Ricco Harnesses

Your job is to drive as fast as possible. Be it race, rally or track days, It's fast, it's furious and you need all your concentration. The last thing you need to worry about once in the car is your safety.

That's what Ricco are all about, Your Safety!

Launched to supply a top of the range, professional safety harness at an affordable price.

After looking at other harness manufacturers, we thought we could offer the competitor a more affordable harness with the same quality as a top of the range, lightweight, professional drivers harness which is FIA approved.

We did it! For half the price of other manufacturers you can have a professional race/rally safety harness.

 Don't expect to see us paying works teams to use our products, because we have cut the marketing budget to a minimum. However, because of this we can afford to cut our prices to half that of other manufacturers.

All our racing seat belt harnesses are made in accordance with the FIA and are homologated for motorsport use (8854/98 8853/98). Have a look at our range of harnesses and if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.

Ricco Racing - Guaranteed Safety

All Our Competition Belts have been tested to meet and exceed all FIA