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Q - Can the Ricco harnesses be wrapped around the roll cage or harness bar?
A - Yes, the harnesses come as standard with the eye bolts and clips but these can be removed and wrapped around a bar. However please only unwrap one at a time so that you can make sure you re-thread them correctly.
Q - What length are the shoulder and lap straps?
A - The RZ-4 and RZ-6 shoulder straps are from 23"(inches) to 70" The lap straps are from 18" to 58". The RZ-F6 shoulder straps are 21" to 28" The lap straps are 10" to 18"
Q - Do the Ricco harnesses come with the eye bolts included?
A - Yes, the harnesses come with either four or six eye bolts included depending on which belt you choose. If you are fitting to fabricated mounting points (not the original seat belt holes), you will need to purchase some backing plates which are readily available through out internet stores.
Q - Will the Ricco Harnesses fit in a Caterham or Westfield type kit car?
A - We have sold many harnesses for this type of vehicle. Please check the lengths of the seat belt straps above.
Q - I live outside the United Kingdom, how much is the delivery charge?
A - The standard delivery charge is for the UK only, including Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland. If you live outside these areas please contact us and we will do our best to offer you a competitive quote.
Q - How many years is an FIA harness valid?
A - FIA harnesses are valid for 5 years plus the year of manufacture. When you buy a new harness manufactured at the beginning of the year in 2014, your harness will be valid for FIA/MSA events for the 2014 season and the next 5 years, expiring at the end of 2019.
Q - Do you sell the crotch straps separately, to turn my four point harness into a six point?
A - Yes we do, just let us know the date and colour and we will do our best to supply them.
Q - I need shorter straps for my Kit car, will the Formula harness do the job?
A - The Formula harnesses (RZ-F6) will fit, but they are a bolt in attachment and will not fit the factory seat belt holes.
Q - When should I replace my harness?
A - Racing Harnesses should be replaced after any accident or sudden impact. The properties and strength of the webbing and components may be altered in the event of a crash. The belt and buckle may look perfectly alright but it may be hiding un-seen damage, such as stretching of the straps or damage to the buckle. If the belts come into contact with any chemicals (gas, oil, cleaners, brake fluids, etc) they should also be replaced. You should always check your harnesses for wear or tear before any event and replace if necessary.